Brian Yang

Brian received his PhD in Physics from Yale University. Prior to founding Higgs Hub, Brian worked at McKinsey & Company, first in its Chicago office. At the end of 2013, Brian transferred to China and became the first member of McKinsey's new Shenzhen office. During his time at McKinsey, Brian worked with many of the world's leading technology companies in both the US and China, on a variety of business strategy topics. Brian also leads Yale's alumni network in southern mainland China - Yale Club of South China.


Helen Tan

Helen holds a Master of Social Science from Chinese University of Hong Kong (CUHK). She was the co-founder of Robot Maker Club and Director of International Relations Group for CUHK Institute of Network Coding (Shenzhen). During her time at CUHK, she was in charge of research reporting, international academic exchange, and daily operations. She also organized multiple large-scale international conferences.


Ziyong (Sean) Li

Sean holds a J. D. from University of Washington and iscurrently based in Silicon Valley. Sean has rich experience dealing with technology enterprises, in topics ranging from intellectual property, to M&A and IPO. Prior to studying law, Sean received his Bachelor’s Degree in Physics from Peking University, where he also worked as a research assistant at Chinese Academy of Science’ Institute of Electrical Engineering.