The name “Higgs Hub”


Higgs Hub got its name from Higgs Boson, also known as “God’s particle”. Higgs Boson plays a crucial role to particle physics theory, and is one of the fundamental building blocks of all matters. In 2013, this elusive particle was finally observed in particle collisions at CERN’s Large Hardron Collider (LHC), the largest experiment equipment in human history, weighing as much as a hundred 747 jets and houses more than 1,800 miles of cable.

Named after Higgs Boson, Higgs Hub provides the best combination of both physical facilities for business, research, manufacturing and life, and resources for all aspects of creating a great startup. With these, we aspire to create an LHC for the best technology startups from all over the world, to bring out globally successful companies.


Higgs Hub


Located amidst hundreds of large manufacturers and technology companies, Higgs Hub manages an 800,000 square feet office park and supporting facilities. We provide office space, lab, production space, 5-ton industrial elevator, serviced apartments, dining facilities, and easy car rental — all suitable for teams looking for short-term procurement visits or longer-term incubation and acceleration of their businesses. Higgs Hub provides unique resources for rapid prototyping and mass production by leveraging its in-house high precision machine shop, various testing and manufacturing equipment. It also creates an alliance with the many leading manufacturers in the neighborhood to provide fast small-batch production services exclusive to teams inside Higgs Hub.


800,000 sq ft office park
27,000 sq ft open office space
Prototyping and testing equipment


In-house high precision CNC machine shop
In-house supply for electronics and parts
150 serviced apartments